waaay back in the day i beta tested quicktime vr for apple.. i was working at an educational cd-rom company, and the interface for their product was done in qtvr.. back then it was painfully done via command line in mpw (macintosh programmer's workshop), required ungodly amounts of ram, and was far less forgiving than the tools of today..

some of the following panoramas might be blurry, considered "sloppy" or less than perfect; almost all of them were done "freestyle", or without a tripod.

quicktime is required to view these interactive panoramas; u can click and drag to pan around, and use the shift/control keys to zoom in/out..

you may ask urself, "how is this better than google street view?" and for you, perhaps it isn't, but for me, and those who were with me, this is a record of how we remember it, since google street view has much more recent panoramas.. also in some cases my panoramas are at night, and in places where the google street-car can not reach.