winter 2003

Top of the Williamsburg Bridge

panorama image

My friend john and i got adventurous one evening and climbed the south-west tower of the williamsburg bridge.. there was construction going on, so there was a scaffolding staircase leading up to the top.. a breathtaking view, if a bit sketchy.. we could have hung out there till sunrise, if not for a helicopter with searchlights that seemed to suggest it was time to go..

183 S2nd st., 2FL

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My home waaay back in the day, back when i had room-mates.

Bedford & South 4th

panorama image

The southside, before getting overrun by cafes and boutiques.

Grand St. Park

panorama image
Grand Street Park; at least that's what i've always called it.. The Williamsburg bridge can be seen, and i think that's Domino's Sugar factory to the left (this was taken back when domino was still around..).
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